Green Mountains Lake View

The rolling peaks of the interior Green Mountains

The Green Mountains are a series of highlands that run horizontally through the south-central interior of Salerin. Essentially a series of large and sloping hills, the Green Mountains separate the Dolohor Valley from the Coastal Lowlands.

Salerin Mountain Ranges

A map of the course of the Green and Altavish ranges.

The Green Mountains are essentially a protuberance of the Altavish Mountains, which are much higher and much more prominent. The Green Mountains are named because of the lush and thick green fauna that covers almost the entirety of the range. Much of this region is extremely sparsely populated, with only a couple major settlements. The mountains are known for their large amount of lakes and rivers running through the area.

The highest peak in the Green Mountains is Alatyne Mountain, which lies 1,212 feet above sea level, and is located on the eastern edge of the range. On the map to the left, the Green Mountains are pictured in green. The Altavish Mountains are pictured in Brown.